Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another week, another glowing review

White City appears to be picking up a little bit of steam, as is evidenced here by the novel's second five-star review on Kindle. That means at least two people have read it! How exciting!

"Real to life, gritty, cool drama set in times when everything was just that bit less sterile.
Albert has the ability to place you bang in the middle of the action where you can almost taste the atmosphere. If this is his first work, then I can't wait for the second because his style, expression, description and ability to set a scene truly developed throughout White City.
At every stage, he explains every characters' outfits - Brett Easton Ellis, American Psycho, style - especially Ryan, the lead character. Early chapters get you thinking a little of 'where' the characters were, but later chapters really nailed the scene setting, to the extent where I was thrown back into the youthful days & nights of all night raves, parties or the look in someone's eye when they've had the wrong kind of narcotic.
The story is raw and a lot of thought, research and knowledge has gone into the back stories of all the cast. Even down to the airline crew, who did - and no doubt still do - most of the leg work when it comes to international delivery.
The characters exist in every town, so it's easy to relate, and the writer has brought across the fact that even party going, drug taking lunatics have personalities and feelings too!
Look forward to the next book, G.K.Albert, as I'm sure it'll be polished and your confidence will be huge. If future works flow half as well as White City it'll be a hit. Excellent read."

Obviously I'm chuffed to bits with this. Keep up the reading and the feedback, I love it! 

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